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Final Phase Inspection Reports

Home Inspection Reports

We go to great lengths to ensure our inspection reports are accurate, easy to understand and readily accessible to our customers. Reports are delivered either the same day or within 24 hours of most home inspections.

Our full-color reports are generated using Home Inspector Pro software which provides the inspection details in a preferred format for our customers and real estate professionals.

Click here or the image below to see a recent Sample Inspection Report (PDF format)

Sample Report Excerpt


Overall, the home was constructed in a manner consistent with the local building trades and codes in effect at the time of construction. The summary report at the beginning includes items deemed as safety concerns and/or relevant items as they may impact the health and well being of our customers and their families. If this page is blank it means there are not such items.
– Safety Concerns are conditions that may pose a hazard to humans, the building or both.
– We recommend corrections for items noted as repair, replacements, service or further evaluation be conducted by appropriate qualified and licensed tradespeople.
– Upgrades or Improvements are systems or components that may not have been available or have been improved since the building was constructed.
These most likely include safety related items: such as GFCI receptacles, AFCI protection and smoke/CO detectors.  Please read the complete report as minor items will be noted and should receive eventual attention, none of them affect the habitability of the house. Many of these items are a result of normal wear and tear and will be the buyers responsibility to determine their importance. Statements made during our inspection that are not in our written report should not be relied upon without further evaluation by an appropriate professional… (SEE THE COMPLETE REPORT)

Final Phase Inspection Reports
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