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Spring has sprung and with tax season over, more and more homeowners are going out to enjoy their yards, or tackling their spring cleaning adventure. Spring is also the perfect time to complete some preventative maintenance that can reduce or eliminate pest activity near the home.
Pest prevention can be as easy as weeding the planters near your home, or trimming an overhanging tree branch. The key is to know what you are looking for. Use the checklist below, and take a walk around the outside of your house. Before you know it, you will be on your way to a summer with a few less pests.

Spring Pest Prevention Guide:

1. Overhanging Branches: Take a peek at your roofline, and trim back any branches that are overhanging, or within two feet of your roofline. Rodents and ants can use branches near the roofline as an easy way to access high up places.

2. Foundation Area: Fleas are most likely to inhabit brush and grass within a 6-foot radius of the home. By cleaning this area and reducing their harborage, the fleas will be reduced, too.

3. Wood Piles: Winter is over! Any fire wood that is left over should be moved away from your home. Rats love to nest in woodpiles, and a wood pile close to the home can bring the rats, well…too close to home. In general, it is best to store firewood away from the home year round.

4. Leaf Piles: A variety of pests such as earwigs, springtails and carpet beetles thrive in areas with decaying organic debris, such as old leaves or compost piles. Make sure to tidy these up, and situate compost areas away from the home.